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Episode # 534 Joe Nunziata - How to Stop Chasing and Start Living

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Spring Washam is a well-known healer and meditation and dharma teacher, and today she’s joining us in The Inspiration Show to discuss how to move through grief without feeding it or repressing it. During the show, Spring also gives practical advice on how to overcome difficulties in life, and why she believes that meditation and self-compassion are 2 essential keys to happiness. Anyone who has suffered can benefit from watching this enlightened episode.

Spring Washam - How to Move Through Grief

Whether you’re recovering from illness, surgery, or you’re looking to give your immune system the biggest boost it’s ever experienced, the ancient healing elixir you’re about to discover during this Inspiration Show episode could be the solution you’re looking for. During the show, my guest Chef Lance Roll shares why bone broth is becoming one of the most popular health-boosting additions to the kitchen, and why celebrities like Kobe Bryant and the entire Lakers team, use it to refuel after playing.

Chef Lance Roll - Bone broth: Healing Magic Elixir

This is the final episode of The Inspiration Show for 2017! And as you’re about to see - this is an extra special one. So many amazing things have happened at Mind Movies this year, but what’s coming in 2018 is even more wonderful  :-). In today’s episode you’ll get a glance at what’s coming (and how you’re a part of it all). And because it’s the New Year, I’ll also show you 4 vital questions to ask yourself that will give you clarity on your goals. Plus, an incredible exceptional experimental technology we’re developing that will help you achieve those goals in record speed.

Natalie Ledwell - 2017 Special Christmas Edition

Imagine a seriously angry person in front of you right now. Their face is bright red. They're breathing heavily. Their fists are clenched. Now, imagine having the power to calm this person down in 90 seconds or less - all by saying just a few specific words. You'll learn those exact words on today's brand new episode of The Inspiration Show - and as you can surely imagine, it's a fantastic superpower to have! Joining us today is the brilliant Douglas Noll, a lawyer turned mediator and peacemaker who helps people from all walks of life - including violent criminals - live from a space of unshakable peace and calm.

Doug Noll - How to Turn Anger into Peace in 90 Seconds

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